What are some ways you can identify a narcissist?

This one is a little trickier since people with Narcissistic Personality Disorder are famously difficult to spot. It’s possible that even expert psychologists who haven’t had direct experience (as a victim) get misled. One of the world’s best rehabilitation experts was himself a professional psychologist when he fell foul of a love narcissistic relationship – and had his world turned upside down with it. So, how can one tell if they’re dealing with a narcopath or not?

I’d grown to know someone with Narcissistic Personality Disorder very well after 5 years of marriage.

A person with a Narcissistic Personality Disorder (male or female) has traits that regularly act in ways that defy all notions of normalcy. They regularly break the rules, lie, break agreements, degrade, humiliate, and engage in inappropriate, immature, remorseless, and utterly inhuman behavior. To the outside world, they appear to be really lovely, charming, courteous, kind, loving, caring, helpful, and supportive.

Being in a relationship with a narcissist is emotionally draining and can have significant mental health repercussions. You start to hold yourself accountable for things that aren’t your fault. You learn that your lover has contradicted what they told you the week before.

The narcissist will do anything to demonstrate his or her identity. Narcissists behave predictably, and if you’ve read any of the other stories on Quora, you could assume one of the authors dated your monster! Yes, I did! However, this is not the case… Narcissists have a regular pattern of conduct. This can work in your advantage if you’re trying to avoid becoming involved with one of these animals, but if you do end up getting involved, understanding what you’re up against can help you disentangle yourself sooner rather than later.


How come nowadays happiness is being considered a luxury?

Because we’ve started to equate happiness with money.

We humans may have become obsessed with building our safe havens. When I say shelters, I don’t mean physical shelters; I mean a safe environment that will minimize our susceptibility. To establish a safe future, money is necessary. And, to be honest, the vast majority of us have goals that will lead to a secure future. By the way, relationships are also a part of this. We make every attempt to mend all of the possible paths to happiness. However, we frequently forget the idea that the objective may be found along the way while fixing the roads. Obviously, this revelation may provide immediate joy, but the uncertain nature of the future and ongoing concerns will eventually transform the grin into a frown.

We get a transient sensation of pleasure when we indulge in luxury. It has something to do with the physical body, as well as the transient state that occurs between the physical and mental bodies. Happiness is a lasting state of mind related to the TRUE SELF inside. As a consequence, even when circumstances are tough or unpleasant, a person may feel happy. We’ve recently been perplexed by the distinctions between happiness and enjoyment, and we’re not sure what they mean. Self-inquiry, in my opinion, is the way to clarity.


How come there are still people in this day and age who still don’t know anything about computers?

The most common comment, I suppose, is that they miss the days of computers when there was nothing to learn. Computers are now designed for people who have spent the majority of their lives interacting with them. The targeted user has a lot of experience and intuitively understands what to do.

Automobiles are in the same boat. I don’t know how to fix anything that goes wrong with my car; I’d like to learn, but I don’t have the time or money. Instead, I can take it to the mechanic.

Many sites provide adult education classes that teach individuals how to utilize computers. Computers and the internet are quickly becoming the only way to find the businesses you need in your city.

I’ve seen people in their 70s with computer abilities that would put an 18-year-old to shame, and I’ve seen plenty of people who don’t know how to turn a computer on or off.

As a result of their life experiences, people develop a variety of talents. Athletic ability, painting, creative writing, mathematics, and sketching are only a few examples. People who excelled at technology have a fundamental talent that they acquired as a consequence of their enthusiasm for the subject. People who aren’t good at technology aren’t impatient or ignorant; they have skills in other areas and don’t want to dedicate time to something they aren’t good at.


Do you think having access to healthcare ensure that a person is really healthy?

People who appear to be healthy can undergo checks on a regular basis to ensure that problems are handled before they become serious. It doesn’t imply they’ll go to the doctor for regular checkups; it only means they’ll be able to.

It is up to the individual to take charge of his or her own health. Healthcare is a collaborative effort. The doctor isn’t there to help you with minor ailments. He’s there to assist you in making smart decisions; the rest is up to you.

A healthy lifestyle includes a balanced diet, exercise, access to clean water and nutritious fresh food, as well as a positive attitude on life (do not become stressed out about little difficulties or annoyances).

Every state should make it as easy and inexpensive as possible for everyone to get healthcare when they need it, so no one should be afraid to see a doctor because it will be too expensive.

I believe that the young are unaware of their future reliance on their local health care, and that investments should be made now to guarantee that they can continue to benefit fully in the future.


Do you recommend I get the new iPad?

It depends largely on what you do and why you need it.

An iPad is a no-no if you’re interested in coding and programming. Instead, you should use MacOS, Windows, or Linux. You just cannot code on an iPad. Remember that you may use it like a computer, but it isn’t one.

I’ve been cautious about tablets since the debut of the iPad. I even wrote an essay stating that it’s just an oversized iPhone with incredibly limited capabilities. But it was only a few months ago that I decided to buy my first iPad.

In some ways, the iPad is a computer that allows you to absorb content more quickly than a laptop. Depending on the work you do, content creation may be equivalent to or inferior than utilizing a laptop.

To conclude, it is totally depends on you, your needs, your budget, and the applications you want to utilize.


What are the best simple tips to improve your own health?

Scrubbing your hands is now one of the simplest methods to avoid becoming sick and spreading sickness. When your hands are contaminated with germs, one of the quickest ways to get a cold or influenza is to rub your nose or eyes. Washing your hands on a regular basis is your best defense against such infection. Hygiene can also help to avoid the spread of more dangerous illnesses like pneumonia and diarrhea.

Proper health is impossible without good nutrition, and you want to eat a nutritious diet all of the time.

Here are some helpful hints to think about:

-Drink a gallon of water as soon as you wake up in the morning (Use a copper mug for added health benefits).
-Go to the gym five times a week.
-Brush twice a day with ayurvedic toothpaste to maintain rigorous oral hygiene.
-Meditate for 10 minutes every day to relieve stress and boost brain grey matter focus.
-Instead of coffee and tea, go to organic green tea.


Why would anyone wish to have multiple cars?

Redundancy is one of the causes. You use Car B to go get parts for Car A while it is being dismantled at the garage. Another example is the usage of many cars for varied purposes. When I need to move more people or items, or when the weather isn’t conducive to cycling, I have a motorcycle and a sedan. Another reason is that some people dislike being followed home by automobiles. In some ways, he reminds me of a dog. You see it, pet it, and soon after, you acquire another dog. Cars have a similar sensation. I bought my first automobile in 2003, and by the end of 2010, I owned three. My father had a thing for Ford automobiles, and at any one moment he had four or five of them.

Having multiple low-cost vehicles is more cost effective than having a single high-priced vehicle. You don’t have high-cost collision insurance on any of them since they aren’t worth the money.

At one time in my life, I had up to five vehicles.

Only money stands between me and a couple of dozen vehicles and trucks. I’m not a huge fan of supercars, but if I had the money, I’d probably buy one just for fun. Modified automobiles are more personal to me since they are truly mine. Any filthy rich person can go buy a supercar but not many can build one.


What are some of the best exercises for self-healing?

Self-healing is crucial at all times. It aids in your self-discovery. I’m not an expert, but I’ve read a lot of articles, blogs, and videos about self-healing. Here are a few ways that I have found to be more effective for self-love and healing.

Meditation is by far the most effective. Meditation is an excellent practice that may be used at any time. If you are not an expert, you can sit quietly for at least 20 minutes each day and focus just on your breathing. This will help you stay energized throughout the day.

Do what you’re passionate about. It’s usually a good idea to do what you enjoy. It improves your focus and helps you find your flow. Because we are only ourselves when we are doing what we enjoy.

Help people and be kind to them. It makes you feel good to assist others or those in need. You can also assist your parents with home chores. Being nice to others improves one’s good energy.

Taking a walk in the woods. Nature is the most effective healer. We need to get away from the crowds of the city and spend more time in nature. Observing objects such as birds, trees, and flowers, among other things. It revitalizes your mind and spirit.

You can also begin writing what you’re feeling. There is a notebook accessible in which you may write appreciation notes, your routine, and your to-do list. If you can’t locate such a journal, you can keep a diary as I do.


What is the best way to get an iPhone on a contract without having credit history?

You won’t be able to get an iPhone on contract if you don’t have credit. However, you may buy an iPhone on a payment plan. You will, however, require a billing address, and your monthly payments will be costly. Your Social Security number will also be required. None of this is required if you purchase your iPhone in its whole (at full price). Before you can sign up for a contract or a postpaid plan, you’ll need to find a friend or family member with good credit to act as a guarantor.

A deposit (which will be returned after a year of excellent payment history) and/or a down payment will almost definitely be requested over the phone (which lowers your monthly device payment). According to AT&T, 98 percent of their active customers have been authorized. If this isn’t a possibility, see if you can acquire a month-to-month subscription for a gadget you bought used or borrowed from a friend or family member.


What results can you expect if you work out one day and rest the next one?

To begin, you must be consistent and consistent with your workouts in order to see effects on your body.

Second, it makes no difference if you don’t exercise the next day since your body takes 15 days to exhibit results. This implies that whatever you’re working out for right now will show up 15 days later on your body.

When combined with a good protein diet and hard effort, having a day off the next day may actually make you stronger and assist in those gains. If, on the other hand, you performed light weight training and then slept the next day, let’s just say it wasn’t worth it. This is the program for you if you’re looking for quick results, such as weight reduction, muscle gain, and shredding.

It also depends on the type of exercise.

It is really beneficial to your health if you do a high-intensity workout or workouts with heavy weights. My ideal fitness schedule would be to work out six days a week and then take a day off.
If you want to reduce weight, I recommend hitting it for three days and then taking a day off.
Keep in mind that your body grows as you sleep.