Why did you decide to go into the field of psychology?

I’ve always wanted to understand life in general. Okay, I could have studied mathematics, physics, biology, or engineering in the STEM disciplines; I had the opportunity to do so because math is my strong suit, but psychology has always piqued my interest.

I’d try to figure out why particular remarks and judgments were made, and I’d usually come to the same conclusion. I knew I wanted to study psychology when I first started college because I wanted to understand more about how and why people think and act the way they do. I had no idea people could be so complex and intriguing. As I progressed through the classes, studies, research, and interactions with mental health practitioners and patients, I gained a better understanding of “nature/nuture,” the many personality types, and other processes used in thinking and behavior.

Psychology is a subject that almost everyone is curious about. In our confusing world, it is tough to deal with every incident that comes our way, and coping with difficulties might lead to mental disease or psychiatric disorders. As a result, one must be psychologically strong in order to tackle all of the scenarios that one wishes.

To enjoy and be good in a job in psychology, you must be interested in and love people, unless you end up in research.

After graduating from college, I struggled to find a well-paying work. With a psychology degree, your job options are limited until you pursue more education, such as a master’s or doctorate degree. It also considers your present living standards as well as your goals for the future.

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