What is the best piece of career advice you’ve received?

Work as though you were a business owner. Don’t just sit around waiting for work to come to you; create work that benefits the company. If your company appreciates this, you will grow faster than you can imagine.

If you work for a top business, don’t suck up to your boss. In companies with a strong western-style work culture, it works against you. It makes you look powerless and desperate.

Learn new things on a regular basis. When you graduate from high school or college, your education does not end. Act as though you’re a student eager to increase your knowledge and skill set at all times; this will provide you numerous opportunities.

After you’ve done writing an email, give it a lot of thought before sending it. Save it as a draft and come back to it later if you’re not sure. You’ll be surprised at how many “good” ideas you generate.

Accept full responsibility for whatever you do. Never approach your task with the goal of waiting for a specific issue to be assigned to you. Take ownership of what you’re doing and make sure you’re doing everything you need to accomplish the job.

Be always in control of the situation. Do not wait to be promoted or for your interviewer to tell you that you did not receive the job before you figure out what qualifications are necessary. Approach them and enquire.

Take care of the path, and the destination will be exactly where it should be. We spend the bulk of our time thinking about the consequences of our actions, whether or not we will get what we want, and so forth. Instead, concentrate on what has to be done to bring you to your destination the next time. Allow the others in the group to unwind.

Seek out people who are better than you because their actions will teach you how to be like them. ‘This is what I was missing,’ you’d often notice just by being in their presence.

Make a financial commitment to yourself. Your most precious asset is you. You become more valuable the more time and money you spend into reinvesting in yourself. The more value you can provide, the more valuable you are.

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