Do you think affordable health care is really a thing?

For decades, the government has worked to ensure that everyone has access to affordable health care. The two aspects of healthcare are primary care and specialist care. Anyone experiencing unexplained symptoms or having health concerns should seek primary care, which provides a competent and comprehensive initial encounter. For any essential therapy, this should be a continual center of focus. This helps the doctor to get to know the patient and learn about their specific needs and how they interact.

Specialty care is generally utilized when a patient requires a procedure. It might be anything as simple as removing a mole on your skin or getting a colonoscopy. It might be as tough as knee surgery or a specific brain procedure. Direct pay allows patients and employers to pay each other in cash, eliminating all middle-man costs. This can save up to 70% of the cost of a procedure’s administrative costs.

Personally, I am lucky to have access to high-quality, government-funded healthcare. Of course, I pay other taxes to help pay for my healthcare, such as income taxes, but these taxes are by definition low because they are a percentage of my income.

You’re insuring against a catastrophic disease’s actuarial risk. If all you needed were routine visits to your primary care physician, you might be able to pay out of pocket. But, in the case of a catastrophic sickness, are you willing to see your assets, which may be worth a lifetime, wiped out?

The United States’ health-care system is excessively expensive, but it is also the only location in the world where you can get the most advanced therapy on your own schedule. Try scheduling a rhinoplasty for next Wednesday morning in another country, like as Germany or the United Kingdom. It just won’t happen.

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