What is a good way to stop suppressing my emotions and feelings?

It’s important to remember that your emotions can’t hurt you. Nobody has ever been hurt by their own feelings, no matter how negative, unpleasant, or painful they may have been at the time. Humans have emotions because in a way, they help us survive, they help us deeply understand who we truly are in a way that fleeting and contradictory thoughts cannot, and they are, above all, messengers from our inner world who have come to inform us about our most basic needs.

To reach a goal, you must first identify it, then explain where you are now, describe the actions that will take you from where you are to where you want to go, and then follow those steps. For example, define and remove obstacles.

Accept that whatever sensations you’re having are beneficial to you. That is what makes you feel alive, both positively and negatively. Even negative emotions such as wrath, envy, and worry may be taught to love.

We either try to treat it, divert ourselves from it, or deny that it exists when it comes to emotional suffering. The issue is that if we don’t experience it, it will persist and cause us difficulties that we would not otherwise have.

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