What does Samsung do that Apple will never be able to achieve?

Samsung is a large business that sells everything from home appliances to televisions to flash drives to SSD drives to almost any consumer product you can imagine, including DVD players and other goods.

The first thing Samsung does on its phones that Apple cannot or will not do is use open, widely available connections.

Apart from being the world’s top manufacturer of electronic goods, Samsung has over 80 businesses ranging from engineering to shipbuilding, construction to finance, military artillery to health care, as well as its own fashion label.

Samsung, like many other Asian companies such as NEC Corporation and Sony Corporation, prioritizes vertical integration and a wide range of products. Flat panels, sensors, LED lights, batteries, gaming systems, cameras, TVs, appliances, cellular carriers, tablets, smartphones, and even medical equipment are all sold by Samsung.

Apple is only aiming to duplicate some of Samsung’s capabilities. Apple has a reputation for selling only the best of everything. They wait till others have developed new technology before putting it in their phones. The only “cheap smartphone” they’ve launched is the iPhone 5c, which was less powerful than the 5s but still gave you the iPhone experience.

Apple has never been able to get along with other people. The organization’s fundamental foundation is isolationism. It’s disheartening, and it’s hurting the rest of the IT industry. Apple can’t stop doing it, though, since admitting that someone else’s product is good enough to play in their playground would alienate their devoted following. The costly and exclusive can only flourish if they work together.

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