What can I do with an Apple Watch that I can’t do with an iPhone?

With an Apple watch, you can save time and effort. When you get an email, you pull it out of your pocket, unlock it, tap to open the email app, and you’re ready to read it. You get a tap on the wrist, lift your wrist, and the email appears on your Apple Watch. It was possible to save both time and effort. Every day, multiply it dozens of times.

Some people use their apple watch for specific tasks like working out and it becomes such a comfortable device to carry around, way better than a phone. Remember that initially, all Apple watches required that you had a phone in order to work properly, that today has changed and you can use only the watch to use any app you want.

We don’t need any kind of technology. When you tap to pay at the cashier, read messages while walking around, receive taps advising you to turn left to follow map directions, or take a phone conversation with your hands full, you’ll notice that some features perform better on your wrist.

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