What are the advantages of owning a big luxurious house?

I can’t think of a single one in today’s world. For one thing, our families are smaller, which promotes guests; if they don’t have access to a pull-out sofa, they may want to stay longer.

They are expensive to heat, cool, and decorate, and they are uninviting.

It isn’t only about the perks; it may also be about the obligations. In the past, kings and queens, lords, and servants all had to live lavishly. As a result, palaces and castles were built to house wealth as well as servants, butlers, and bodyguards.

What’s not to like about owning a 10,000+ square foot home and being able to afford the taxes, insurance, and utilities, as well as the possibility of a mortgage payment? You’ll almost likely need a maid, but you can afford one if you can afford $4k to $30k each month to keep the home in good shape.

Another advantage might be the visual attractiveness of the structure, architecture, and grounds. One advantage of mansions is that they are generally built on vast plots of land, thus they do not have a zero lot line. They’ll almost certainly have a pool, tennis courts, a large lawn, and other facilities.

If you have a big family or often entertain large parties, a mansion may be the best option. A large house isn’t for you if you’re a private person who doesn’t regularly party and doesn’t have a large family. It’s easy to feel lonely in a big empty house.

The more property you own, the more valuable it is. Property is precious, even if it is a run-down house on a large plot of land. Even if a new owner demolishes your house and replaces it with a new one, selling such a large piece of land will almost certainly be beneficial.

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