It is actually possible to get rich in investing?

The majority of people do not think it works, and if they do, they either find out too late in life or are emotionally incapable of doing so due to a lack of discipline and patience.

For example, since 1980, an average American would have about $1.3 million if he had invested 10% of his gross pay in the S&P500 every year. That’s wonderful, but it’s not quite enough to qualify as rich.

One of the most intriguing elements of investing is that a single exceptional investment, if held for a long time, may dramatically change the future of your family. Decades of holding stocks in extremely profitable firms with ever-increasing revenues can result in enormous riches. Some refer to this technique as “business-like investing.” The basic strategy for generating money from stocks is to select a profitable company and keep your assets for the long term. This sort of passive investing has the ability to turn you into a millionaire.

If you come across an investing opportunity and have a little amount of money to spare (as little as $500-$1000), it’s worth a shot. You never know what the next bitcoin will be.

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