Is working out four hours a day actually counterproductive?

It all depends on your current situation. In order to prepare for the Olympics, Olympic competitors spend a substantial amount of time in the gym. Professional coaches/trainers keep a careful eye on everything during this rigorously regulated and structured training.
They usually only stick to such routines for a short time.

You shouldn’t work out that much unless you’re training for an extreme marathon or an iron man! You risk injuring your joints and triggering muscular atrophy rather than growth if you train out for that long. If you’re lifting weights, each workout should be no more than an hour; otherwise, you won’t get the most out of your workout.

Your thyroid and cortisol levels will raise dramatically, and your joints and muscles will begin to deteriorate.

Before and after their exercises, many individuals make the mistake of not eating enough and not recuperating correctly.

I suppose you should think about why you think “working out” for so long is so important. Unless you’re an outstanding athlete, you’ll be doing this for up to 10 hours each week and that will be too much for your body.

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