Is there a way to control our own actions and thoughts?

With the benefit of hindsight. It’s not about being in charge; it’s about figuring out how they manipulate us.
Although I am not a psychologist, I feel that continuous worrying about everything, such as the conduct you describe, is a form of anxiety, which is a mental health issue. You could benefit from counseling or therapy.

Every day, we are presented with around 60000 ideas about which we are entirely unaware, and the most astonishing aspect is that we begin each day with zero thoughts.

It’s all up to you. You are the driver, and you have total power over the direction of your life. Actions and ideas are passengers on a trip that you are in charge of. The bulk of our ideas are unknowingly carried out. Stress, wrath, or a slip of the tongue can all play a role in our actions. We occasionally participate in unexpected actions that are out of character for us. If you have patience and faith in your capacity to control your thoughts and behaviors, you will succeed.

Always remember that you are the master of your ideas and the controller of your life. Tell your mind to quit thinking and concentrate on anything else.

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