Is it be possible to travel the whole world in a single year?

You can’t do it because the math says you can’t; it’s just not possible or practical.

Do you think it’s worth it, given that there are 192 countries and 365 days in a year, which means each country will take 1.9 days to visit, including travel time? You could do it in theory, but some visas take months to get and require your passport, so you’d need two passports, one for each trip. Some countries will not issue you a visa until you have one from a neighboring country, so you’ll need a group of people to acquire the visas in the proper sequence. Visas have a validity period, which begins when the visa is stamped or a few months afterwards. You’d need a very smart spreadsheet to even try this.

Study travel blogs and create a lot of plans if you want to see a lot of locations in a year. Plan ahead of time, but give some wiggle room in case you want to stay a little longer, develop food poisoning, or something else. For your own safety, make sure you communicate with someone on a frequent basis, and remember to ENJOY yourself rather than merely crossing items off a list.

Also, learning about various cultures takes time if you want to do more than just go a specific distance and acquire stamps in your passport. There will be plenty of opportunities to see and do things, as well as time to meet people and learn about their lives and cultures. You could do this for the rest of your life in only one country.

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