What results can you expect if you work out one day and rest the next one?

To begin, you must be consistent and consistent with your workouts in order to see effects on your body.

Second, it makes no difference if you don’t exercise the next day since your body takes 15 days to exhibit results. This implies that whatever you’re working out for right now will show up 15 days later on your body.

When combined with a good protein diet and hard effort, having a day off the next day may actually make you stronger and assist in those gains. If, on the other hand, you performed light weight training and then slept the next day, let’s just say it wasn’t worth it. This is the program for you if you’re looking for quick results, such as weight reduction, muscle gain, and shredding.

It also depends on the type of exercise.

It is really beneficial to your health if you do a high-intensity workout or workouts with heavy weights. My ideal fitness schedule would be to work out six days a week and then take a day off.
If you want to reduce weight, I recommend hitting it for three days and then taking a day off.
Keep in mind that your body grows as you sleep.

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