Is it OK for me to major in psychology and how hard is it?

Psychology has always struck me as a common major. It may be utilized in a number of situations, including treatment for people of all ages, schools, businesses, and larger organizations, as well as psychologists of various certification levels.

A psychology degree, in my opinion, is less difficult than a philosophy major but more difficult than a sociology major. Is that information truly useful? I’m undecided. You should plan to devote a significant amount of time to researching and producing papers.

I also recommend that you look into the actual curriculum for a psychology degree at various colleges, as it will not be consistent. Some schools will emphasize pre-counseling training more than others, while others will concentrate on psychology history, neuropsychology, or something else completely.

A bachelor’s degree in psychology is one of those certifications that shows you went to college but doesn’t qualify you for any particular profession. Working as a therapist requires a master’s degree (or above), but working as a school counselor necessitates a different sort of graduate degree/credential.

Look into a) graduation requirements and b) professional requirements before selecting where to enroll or attend.

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