How come nowadays happiness is being considered a luxury?

Because we’ve started to equate happiness with money.

We humans may have become obsessed with building our safe havens. When I say shelters, I don’t mean physical shelters; I mean a safe environment that will minimize our susceptibility. To establish a safe future, money is necessary. And, to be honest, the vast majority of us have goals that will lead to a secure future. By the way, relationships are also a part of this. We make every attempt to mend all of the possible paths to happiness. However, we frequently forget the idea that the objective may be found along the way while fixing the roads. Obviously, this revelation may provide immediate joy, but the uncertain nature of the future and ongoing concerns will eventually transform the grin into a frown.

We get a transient sensation of pleasure when we indulge in luxury. It has something to do with the physical body, as well as the transient state that occurs between the physical and mental bodies. Happiness is a lasting state of mind related to the TRUE SELF inside. As a consequence, even when circumstances are tough or unpleasant, a person may feel happy. We’ve recently been perplexed by the distinctions between happiness and enjoyment, and we’re not sure what they mean. Self-inquiry, in my opinion, is the way to clarity.

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