• Where…did…my balloon go…
  • You know you’re in America when…
  • The safest people in the world…
  • Screw clowns.
  • Some kids are just awesome without trying…
  • Super Chuck Norris
  • This man speaks the truth…
  • Equation
  • Why old books smell so good
  • Frog never refuses a challenge…
  • Hey, Salary!
  • Gender-bending
  1. Panda

    9:40 am

    It’s okay, but Calvin and Hobbes already did it.
    in less panels.

  2. Line

    10:24 pm

    I think the guy who made this does not understand. You see, the quarter coming out of the ear is actually a trick, it wouldn’t actually happen. Therefore the last panel doesn’t make any sense.


  3. What?No!

    8:29 pm

    No, he gets it… the last panel is the joke…I can’t tell if you mean this or if you are trolling me…