• You may say my life is exciting…
  • I know your secret…
  • Food for thought
  • Is there anybody up there?
  • Favorite Disney singers
  • How I express my feelings
  • Bullmastiff puppy
  • This guy is trying to sell more than his car
  • Cats are evil
  • Then punch him in the face!
  • People will never drink from your glass again
  • Let Me Take a Closer Look…Oh No WTF
  1. Caleb

    9:07 pm

    I’ve done all of them!

  2. ...

    2:12 am

    One? I did all of these things at least once in my life…

  3. emily

    4:47 am

    Haha! all 5 of them!

  4. Ovax

    3:45 pm

    I’ve done all of them…

  5. Confused

    2:48 pm

    All 5! Kids are just as dumb as adults, just on different levels.