• Loyal Billie Joe Armstrong…
  • Don’t mess with the turtles…
  • The science of dogs…
  • Amazing food creations
  • Finding Emo
  • Best. Toy. Ever.
  • When my friend and his girlfriend are fighting and I show up…
  • Drinking like a sir
  • Valentine’s day facts
  • Don’t worry bro, I got you covered
  • A duck feeding fish
  • Valentine’s day: then and now
  1. Consulting time lord

    7:49 pm

    Woohooooooo! Sherlock! *ecstatic dance ecstatic dance* Still waiting for some Cabin Pressure though!

  2. Jay

    8:39 pm

    Image is from the show Sherlock. Go watch it. Now.

  3. Rebecca

    8:54 pm