• Life before and after cell phones…
  • Go on and say it…
  • What goes through my mind during class…
  • Just Like Ancient Egypt…
  • Too much Asian power in one picture…
  • Albino Polar Bears
  • Overly Attached Electric Dryer Buyer
  • 8-Bit Ninja Turtles
  • Those stairs don’t look safe
  • How people view me
  • Everyone turn back!
  • Keep your mouth shut and you won’t get cut
  1. Eriol

    5:15 am

    I’m Matt LeBlanc!

  2. Whodat-NYHC

    5:54 pm

    Chuck Norris for the mutha-fukn WIN!

  3. Rose Tyler

    7:18 pm

    Freddie Mercury!

  4. Kay

    12:50 am

    John Lennon. I win.