• Whenever I get to leave early…
  • When your friend goes all Asian bunny…
  • That’s the problem with drinking…
  • British Summer
  • The Big Asian Secret
  • We are all doomed
  • Best Bros Forever
  • I’m not saying it’s aliens…but it’s aliens
  • The Walking Ed
  • Dear Google…
  • This is not as fun as they said
  • Honoring two fallen K9 soldiers
  1. Eriol

    5:15 am

    I’m Matt LeBlanc!

  2. Whodat-NYHC

    5:54 pm

    Chuck Norris for the mutha-fukn WIN!

  3. Rose Tyler

    7:18 pm

    Freddie Mercury!

  4. Kay

    12:50 am

    John Lennon. I win.