• Finally a cake I can enjoy…
  • Is mom OK?
  • Is it ever going to end?
  • Someone please explain how this works…
  • Dunk Face
  • I’ll get you a kitty cat…
  • Just checking…
  • Size of the brain
  • Jeff Goldblum playing piano for Zooey Deschanel and Jane Lynch
  • Something is wrong with this hamster
  • Meanwhile, in Germany…
  • Hmm, excuse me?
  1. Eriol

    5:15 am

    I’m Matt LeBlanc!

  2. Whodat-NYHC

    5:54 pm

    Chuck Norris for the mutha-fukn WIN!

  3. Rose Tyler

    7:18 pm

    Freddie Mercury!

  4. Kay

    12:50 am

    John Lennon. I win.