• Kids are clever…
  • Go back guys…
  • Free Dobby
  • Misunderstood aliens
  • English, to Japanese, to English again
  • Scumbag Colon
  • A Real Woman
  • You are now aware that the Viper logo is Daffy Duck’s face upside-down
  • Why you should always sleep with a Teddy bear
  • The origins
  • Not the game I was looking for iPhone auto-correct…
  • Would you like a bag, sir?
  1. Anon

    3:05 pm


  2. jimmyc

    3:57 am

    Nope. You’re alone. I can’t even make it look like an eye if I try.

  3. Mike

    6:04 am

    What!? Damn right I thought that was an eye!