• Hi-diddly-ho there, neighborino!
  • Meanwhile in college…
  • An amazing and inspiring artist…
  • Touching story?
  • Then I hear ‘peek-a-boo’…
  • Normal People vs. Me
  • Ed O’Neill has been reading the same newspaper for 20 years
  • What kind of strange sorcery is this?
  • Sand Painting
  • Too hungry for soon
  • Humans are weird
  • My computer doesn’t work!
  1. Maddeline

    6:20 am

    If anyone’s curious, I have gone through every page on this site, all 2310 pages, and seen all 19170 images*. I’ve read nearly every graphic, waited for every interactive .gif and gotten almost every joke. Good luck if you’re just starting here and enjoy the journey! There’s some funny sh*t ahead!

    *as of this image