• Yes, I’d like one cup please…
  • Damn Mayans…
  • Being single vs. being in a relationship…
  • You know what they say about big feet
  • Justin Beanber
  • Now it all makes sense…
  • Makes perfect sense
  • You have to pay for it…
  • Girls are never wrong
  • And you aren’t.
  • Meanwhile, in a testicle…
  • Don’t worry bro
  1. B Moore

    3:54 am

    Yeah, I heard those guys hate gingers…

  2. cjs77764

    3:58 am

    What do they have against the word “gingers?

  3. RAB

    4:02 am

    I don’t see how spelling “gingers” would offend them.

  4. metazahaz

    4:10 am

    But those aren’t gingers…

  5. cfoz13

    4:13 am


  6. Tasmanian Jaydee

    4:15 am

    Damn you Jordan, i was 11 minutes too late. you win this round lol.

  7. Ichneumon

    4:20 am


  8. Scrabble

    6:05 am

    There are several words you could spell here: gingers, grins, rings, siren. There shouldn’t be any issue.

  9. joe

    6:38 am