• I’m not sure if I wanna drink this anymore…
  • Before there were rage comics, this guy did the job
  • You decide…
  • And the world…will be as one
  • One step at a time…
  • When I wake up and realize I slept on my arm…
  • Drinking is not the answer
  • Mass Effect cosplay
  • Everybody loves Santa
  • Pokeball cupcakes
  • Troll Science
  • Just a study

1 January, 2012 in Funny | 3 Comments


  1. Anne Oakley

    5:10 am

    Anybody get it?

    • Marylinne

      12:00 pm

      Really? You don’t get it? your arms will press your breasts against each other…

  2. what?

    11:25 pm