• No matter who you are…
  • I’m not breaking any rules…
  • I’m actually happy…
  • Play baby with her…
  • You look like…
  • This is not a photograph. It’s an oil painting by artist Pedro Campos.
  • Stick to your own world Mario…
  • Go away, sun
  • First to finish the test
  • Little owl loves to be petted
  • Okay then.
  • Sunset dance
  1. tmb

    10:04 pm

    the school one cracks me up.. they have a machine that tranforms books into knowledge and transmits that into the brains of school children!… but it needs to be operated manually :p

  2. pognet

    6:25 am

    The majority of these are actually very similar to what we have today.
    Helicopters to fight fires,
    Video chatting,
    Audio books (though not always used in school),
    and tanks.
    I am impressed.