• Just take the picture already…
  • No but seriously imagine it this way…
  • If you watch ‘Saw’ backwards…
  • Ink calendar: Colors the days as the time passes
  • Indeed she did
  • Do you have a bathroom?
  • Don’t stop human
  • I’ll just grab the hose… wait what?
  • Mind-blowing Harry Potter fact
  • What I wish I was doing
  • Misbehaving kittens
  • Bring that back now or you’re fired!

3 November, 2012 in Funny | 6 Comments


  1. Chewbacca

    2:35 am

    Why Leia has a lightsaber and what is that plastic bag?

  2. Fatih Sözbir

    9:12 pm

    I loved r2. :D

  3. yupppp

    5:27 pm

    My guess is that the plastic bag is jabba the hut

  4. ---

    7:15 pm

    I think it’s Jabba.

  5. sponge j

    7:29 pm

    I understand Yoda, Vader, 3PO, Leia and even R2D2. But what the is the plastic bag?