• To the people who kept us up all night…
  • How could you, Charmin? I trusted you…
  • Never will be able to see Africa the same after this
  • If I stay perfectly still, he won’t see me
  • The happiest dog on earth
  • I wanna get down there, but I don’t wanna expend energy… Hernnghhhh flop.
  • Hey, wait a second…
  • Keep the Christ in Christmas
  • Inventions
  • He did it!
  • Yes, why do they?
  • Thanks, guys

27 January, 2013 in Funny | 2 Comments


  1. jon snow

    12:25 am

    That’s why I only drink scotch.

  2. CC!

    12:22 pm

    This is stupid on all levels….