• Go home Hercules, you’re drunk…
  • The worst torture imaginable…
  • My morning routine…
  • I’m sorry officer…
  • German Shedder puppy smile
  • Norway, you ruined it
  • Slides inside your house
  • That’s indeed clever, Cleverbot
  • He’s got it covered
  • Hey Harry…
  • Boink!
  • If the internet existed years ago…

8 February, 2012 in Funny, Pictures | 4 Comments


  1. Someoneateyourcookies

    9:32 pm

    Another camera made later? It says it’s the first camera, not that it’s the first camera taking its first foto.

  2. BayoDC

    10:31 pm

    It says it is the world’s first camera, not the world’s first picture.
    This could have been made before the one that took this picture.

  3. Pedant

    11:00 pm

    Photo not foto.

  4. Symbolics

    1:38 pm

    :]] Smart.