• Einstein’s pick up line…
  • He’s Probably Famous…
  • It just can’t be done…
  • Let’s take a photo while we jump…
  • Duck Transformers
  • You can have a bite…
  • Who should you date?
  • Animal sculptures made of shattered CDs
  • Mr. Bean strikes again
  • Oh man, it’s true…
  • Probably going to hell for laughing at this
  • What type of fortune is this?
  1. Kate

    5:52 am


  2. Kate S.

    10:47 pm

    Uh, I’m soon-to-be 21, and I grew up thinking Harrison Ford was sexy as hell. Just saying.
    Little Sister on the other hand….. To put it in perspective, she has 2 Twilight posters (one of the whole gang and one of just Bella and Edward) and 2 calendars (one of Twilight, and one of JUST Robert Pattinson.)

  3. SammieLeigh

    10:31 am

    I’m 21 and still think he’s a very sexy man.
    Even now.
    Harrison Ford all the way!