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  1. Shades

    10:21 pm

    Women don’t HAVE to do any of that bulls**t.

  2. Ann

    5:25 am

    Irony: this is the most sexist thing I’ve read in a while.

  3. asd

    5:42 pm

    This is not about women. It’s about b*tches. :)

  4. Anon

    8:10 pm

    Aside from bleeding once a month for a week, most of this isn’t even necessary. But for gods sake, putting whiny bulls**t about having to shave? Really? It takes all of two minutes out of your life. You poor, oppressed woman. And there is no rule that says you have to spend money or freak out constantly about how you look.

  5. yes!

    7:33 pm

    It’s the truth, I’m a woman!