• Everything looks much cooler when you’re wearing leather gloves…
  • Can no longer be unseen…
  • Osmosis
  • iPhone upgrade now available…
  • Assemble the Avengers
  • MacGyver unable to fix his own car
  • You are in for a surprise…
  • Fights
  • When my relatives visit my house…
  • I see you at the Halloween party, bye
  • Oh yeah? Come at me, bro!
  • Fear of clowns?
  1. bob

    2:22 pm

    HAHAHA…. No.

  2. Dude

    4:45 pm

    Wolverine got the better end of the deal.

  3. Bleh

    2:16 am

    To be fair to cyclops… the claws aren’t wolverine’s mutant power.