• Poor Loki…
  • Tolerance unchained…
  • You just found out spiders hunt with their webs…
  • Wait, something’s wrong…
  • Why Microsoft Excel’s icon is an X…
  • Hook me up, doc…
  • Bill O’Reilly Logic
  • 10 things longer than Kim Kardashian’s marriage
  • Grammar lesson
  • Oh, so you don’t like something about me?
  • Human curiosity
  • Ever seen a yawning bunny?
  1. bob

    2:22 pm

    HAHAHA…. No.

  2. Dude

    4:45 pm

    Wolverine got the better end of the deal.

  3. Bleh

    2:16 am

    To be fair to cyclops… the claws aren’t wolverine’s mutant power.