• Ah… Those were the days…
  • Rubik’s Cube for blind people…
  • The guy on the couch…
  • Time to set the world on fire…
  • Hello, 911?
  • But it’s my Nutella…
  • And it will only get worse…
  • Let me open it for you
  • He’s been found
  • Get in my belly
  • Can I sleep here?
  • Precipice
  1. Aze

    6:46 am

    Hey, it worked! But it took a while, and I went through both Science and Mathematics before I eventually landed on Philosophy. I wonder if that is symbolic of anything.

  2. Anon

    3:48 pm

    No, it just means that philosophy is one of the basics, just like math or science. We don’t always realize it is.

  3. Ryan

    5:51 am

    Worked for me.

  4. Nick

    11:04 pm

    Did not work for me, started with manacles, got stuck in a loop.

  5. Steve

    1:07 pm

    Try starting on Elvis’ page.

  6. draco

    2:27 am

    Not true. I wound up in infinite recursion within five clicks.

  7. Edgarska

    7:52 am

    Yep, but went trough biology and mathematics first.

  8. flower

    10:20 pm

    It works. Weird.

  9. Voldemort

    4:30 am


    I started with ‘RuneScape’. Ended up on, what else, Philosophy.

  10. bingubingu

    11:16 pm

    Wow it worked for me! I started at World War 1.

  11. Lauren

    12:29 pm

    I started on “Guy Sebastian” and got stuck in a loop between mathematics and quantities.

  12. will

    12:56 pm

    I tried it a bunch of times, didn’t work. Politics kept coming up though.

  13. cleopatra

    1:03 pm

    All credit goes to Randall Munroe of XKCD (xkcd.com/903/ – check the text as you hover over the image.)

  14. LenguasVerdes

    2:30 pm

    It really works! Fantastic, I started with Chocolate, John Cage and Second World War and always end up on Philosophy.