• Sad Seal…
  • It may be a trap…
  • Sorry kids…
  • Inappropriate Squirrel…
  • Wiser words were never spoken…
  • The best pillow for me
  • Seriously I’m not sleepy, I’m just… *snore*
  • Rainbow building
  • Using my computer
  • Reasons I have a beard
  • ‘Living Dead Dolls’ Sadie Pencil Sharpener
  • Brilliant Two-Face Costume
  1. anonymous

    4:03 pm

    What kind of **** would do this?? Now all the innocent smokers will be fired too.

  2. Lover

    7:29 am

    I would sue in Court inmediately.

  3. anonymous

    8:29 pm

    What a dumb comment.