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  1. lacy

    2:40 am

    how can i download this so i can use it?

  2. Iquraishi

    8:03 am

    Right Click on the image and select “Save Image As..”

  3. luke

    2:53 pm

    -right click
    – save as …

  4. MauiToast

    3:52 am

    dude its easy to get that shot flawless. You just reverse the video of you taking them off. DUHHHHH hollywood cheats to impress you that are easily fooled!

  5. Lokitus

    4:26 pm

    OR just practice and have good aim.

  6. yis

    9:39 am

    who’s the awesome fat dude?

  7. Ico

    3:11 am

    From a Tumblr guy called TheFrogMan, shame it doesn’t have the source

  8. Jake

    6:10 pm

    Hagrid, is that you?

    • Dennis

      6:17 pm

      “Hey guys, come here! I found Hagrid’s grandson!”