• Maybe I’ll make two sandwiches…
  • I couldn’t care less…
  • Overly Manly Man Plays Russian Roulette…
  • Yet NASA is the bad guy…
  • Look at them, look…
  • Calvin and Hobbes: The later years…
  • Go just a little bit further…
  • The Tiniest Polar Bear
  • Does anybody else do “The X”?
  • Wolf howling in the cold
  • Suddenly, an idea!
  • I learned it by watching you
  1. mike

    6:31 pm

    You’re my hero whitey!

  2. Michelle Ricker

    8:06 pm

    Ok… yuck.

  3. Leucocyte

    9:27 pm


  4. Nancy Caroline Phelps

    10:56 pm