• Brilliant Alice in Wonderland costume…
  • Overly Attached Kitty…
  • But, will it blend?
  • How to make an angry person even angrier
  • Shame on you, meat eaters!
  • We can stop this…
  • Light clock
  • Lie Detector
  • Finally out…
  • Dangerous pun
  • Life is too short for the wrong job
  • This happens EVERY SINGLE TIME
  1. Captain Derp

    8:39 pm

    >I learned more about humility from these people than anyone else
    >Oh speaking of humility, I think I’m going to turn my rant into an image so other people can see how awesome and open minded I am

  2. ana

    8:22 pm

    No, he was just trying to show how dumb that chick was.