• But mostly the second one…
  • Traumatic Experience
  • When we get old…
  • Dog, something’s not right…
  • Just right…
  • Why did the ghost cross the road?
  • Let’s start this day properly…
  • Canine Fans
  • Executives
  • Aw, maaaan. Turn out the lights.
  • Suave dance moves
  • Everybody chill out
  1. RubberDucky

    12:16 am

    ME TOO! But mine was red haired woman. Sometimes she had a motorcycle.

  2. Taney

    2:41 pm

    Me too! :)

  3. Will

    3:44 pm

    Yeah, me too! sometimes it was spiderman swinging along to keep up.

  4. Line

    10:07 pm

    I always saw a cat (or some kind of creature with 4 legs) running and jumping across the rooftops skillfully :)