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  1. offended

    1:46 am

    However, when men say that, they say it in a derogatory way. For instance, if I wanted my dad to fix my computer (which I am much better at, thanks) I would say, “Could you please fix my computer.” not “Fix my computer, Man!”
    I find it offensive when men say that, such as when I asked my guyfriend if I could play a videogame with him, and he said, “No, go make me a sandwich, Woman.” implying videogames were too much for my “tiny” brain to handle. Now if he said, “Will you make me a sandwich?” I would probably say,” Ughhh… fine.” If he asked that way, it would be a polite suggestion, not a command, nor insulting me based on my gender or implying that I “just belong in the kitchen”. Doesn’t anyone get that talking like that is sexist? Sexism is still here in our society, from the difference of wages to jokes like these. And I’d rather ask a mechanic to fix my car, thank you very much.

    • Truth

      6:24 am

      Thank you very much for going on a rant that’s not gonna fix anything. Oh, and your brain is too tiny for most video games. Proven fact. My girlfriend doesn’t even ask anymore because she has come to terms with this.

  2. sdfadsfs

    4:59 am

    Obviously, this is why girls get all bent out of shape when guys tell a girl to make a sandwich.

  3. Guys are soooo dumb

    6:34 am

    Obviously, this is why guys don’t get sandwiches…or laid. Asking is so much nicer, but if you wanna continue being sexist and -less, BE MY GUEST! Losers.

  4. Jesse

    6:56 am

    Having a sense of humor is a must on the internet.

  5. Dee

    8:47 am

    You know… When a guy tells me to make him a sandwich I always say “Only if I can break your legs first”. If he ASKS me to make him something I have no problem cooking – I like cooking. I’d probably ask him to help with stuff like… getting things down that I can reach (short) or chopping things to save me time.
    But the phrase “make me a sandwich” has a sexist implication. Even if it were a question instead of a statement that would change the entire thing.

  6. Laughing panda

    9:26 am

    Lol get a life… You women should learn how to laugh and have a sense of humor… It’s more attractive. That way when you ask us to fix something, we may just jump right on it. I’m glad I’m not miserable and don’t troll all over humor web pages…

  7. eric

    1:20 pm

    ^ this

  8. AnneB

    2:08 pm

    He has a point. However, it doesn’t work in my case as I can fix my own car AND my own computer. Sorry, dude. You’ll just have to make your own sandwiches.

  9. lovestomakesandwiches

    2:39 pm

    I’m glad you’ve opened my eyes and shown me that sandwiches are on par with cars and computers! My life will be so much easier now. I’ll just slip in and make sandwiches now instead of the thank you bjs that my husband normally gets.

  10. Anon

    12:08 am

    You know. Maybe it’s the fact that I’m a strong woman who has never given anyone the impression that I’m a ditzy worthless breeder, but I have honestly never had anyone tell me to make them a sandwich.

    Or maybe it’s because I know my PLACE and make sandwiches before I’m asked OoooooooooSNAP.

    Nah, for srs though. :P Show respect, get respect, show intelligence, be treated as though you’re intelligent. Sexism is girl for “Wah he didn’t treat me like I’m a special little flower princess.”

  11. Cassia

    4:08 pm

    Sexism is still a big problem. It’s not girl for “Wah he didn’t treat me like I’m a special little flower princess.” I don’t demand a guy to fix my car, I ask him to show me how to fix it so I don’t need him next time. I am an avid gamer. My brain is very capable of understanding the “complex” world of videogames. Guys just need to be respectful and if he is loving at treats a woman as an equal then maybe she will bring them both a sandwich…or he can make one himself. A man needs to learn how to cook.

  12. dusky

    5:22 pm

    That’s why I love my girl so much. Ironically, most of the time when girls call things sexist, they are beyond sexist because they expect everything just to be better for themselves. I just kindly ask if she could make lunch and other times I take her out for lunch. As long as you aren’t an a**hole about things I don’t think “making sammiches” would be that sexist.