• Quietest room in the world…
  • Can’t erase this image from my mind…
  • Meanwhile in space…
  • You deserve it because…
  • Don’t throw away your old tennis ball…
  • Every year at the end of summer…
  • When I try to be funny…
  • Shoe repair
  • Like father, like son
  • Playing music for friends
  • Nala
  • Bohemian Rhapsody, meme version
  1. -dan z-

    2:26 pm

    If you are talking about **A** girl, then use “she,” not “they.” If you are talking about *A* guy, then use “he,’ not “they.”

    • No One

      4:40 pm

      Actually it works just fine. He/she said “when a girl”, which would imply female gender. Then the person says “they” referring to that gender, because all girls do the same thing of course.

  2. Corey Hamilton Schwab

    6:44 pm

    This is retarded..

  3. Sad Stumbler

    6:51 pm

    Sad person!

  4. Harry Potter

    8:53 pm

    I like the part about dementor’s kisses :)