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31 October, 2011 in Funny | 12 Comments


  1. Sitnalta

    10:43 pm

    Well… it depends. Both need magic to work right. I guess all things being equal I’d go with the wand since it can do a lot more than just cut stuff.

    • Ann

      12:47 am

      No. Lightsabers aren’t magic. They use SCIENCE. You need like an energy source and one of these little crystal things that take like forever to make. Each Jedi has to make their own.

      I would pick a lightsaber. Firstly because obviously you can easily kill an entire school with one, as demonstrated in Ep 3. Hogwarts wouldn’t stand a fucking chance. And secondly because Harry Potter sucks a**.

      • Sitnalta

        2:42 am

        Well, yeah, but if you’re not a magical Jedi then you’re just some loser with an incredibly dangerous sword. Anybody can shoot you with a gun. Or more likely you’ll just accidentally cut your dog in half.

        • cat

          10:04 pm

          You could easily kill someone with a spell from far away but with a lightsaber you would have to be close enough to even hurt somebody.

        • Speasle

          2:41 am

          Yes, but if you don’t have magic, you are just an guy waving a stick around. I would rather be a loser with a dangerous sword than a dumbass with a twig.

  2. hermionnne

    11:57 pm

    Yea, definitely the wand. :)

  3. ann-hater

    7:06 am


  4. mrCululu

    3:18 pm

    I´ll take the wand and use it’s magic to create a ligtsaber. NOW your mind is blown!

  5. iiv

    4:13 pm

    Wand all the way.

  6. rico

    9:14 pm

    If you’re drunkenly slurring you words, no magic. If you have a a different tongue, limited magic. “Then the whole idea will turn political: what if those immigrants get us so drunk we can’t use of wands? They’ll steal our women, children, and souls. I’m an american. it’s our freedom to use our magic when we feel like it. I’ll be tarred ‘n’ feathered ‘fore i let a foreigner use more magic on my watch. They’re not americans and don’t deserve our freedom.” Then you’ll have the drunk wand for whitey, and the stick with a button battery and LED for outsiders.

  7. Kest

    3:02 am

    A lightsaber is cool and all but who in their right mind wouldn’t choose a wand? Magic simply has more utility than the Force.

  8. susu

    7:54 am