• You, who are?
  • Carpooling…
  • That’s better…
  • Motorcycles made from cheap lighters
  • Whenever I want to watch a movie, but my friend does not…
  • Chill bro…chill
  • Goodbye cruel, cruel world…
  • That’s a little too fast for him
  • NO, NO, NO, NO, NO.
  • Wish granted
  • Baby Pudú
  • Buy one, get two free.

7 January, 2014 in Funny, Images | Comment

This past Christmas, two brothers and their sister decided to give their mother an unforgettable Christmas gift: a 12 month calendar showcasing photos from the childhood… and hilarious modern recreations of those exact photos.

She will cherish this precious gift forever.


These are instant classics. Their mom will appreciate this present forever.