• Feather duster thief…
  • This teacher knows what’s right…
  • Shaving commercials…
  • No one likes my status…
  • I can’t take police chases seriously anymore…
  • Facebook 2:15
  • Have you ever been so angry, you milked a cow at the police?
  • Sun shade
  • Jules Butt-head and Vincent Beavis
  • I love you, horse
  • So this is what I should look for…
  • Does anyone else do this?

10 March, 2011 in Comedy | 2 Comments


  1. no-one

    11:17 pm

    This is just not true.

    The helicopter in Predator and Jurassic Park didn’t explode… And I bet there are many more examples.

  2. Yes, you.

    12:42 pm

    Thank you for ruining this picture.