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29 November, 2011 in Funny | 4 Comments


  1. anon

    1:39 am

    Haha… not funny.

  2. thatdude

    9:42 pm

    And themetapicture continues its stellar track record of posting misogynist pictures.

  3. JustSomeGuy

    2:37 pm

    Yup. I guess its cool to post pictures pointing out income or racial inequality but continue to put down women at the same time. Seeing as it’s pretty logically consistent and all.

    PS This one isn’t that bad comparatively speaking but there’s only so long one can look at all the “back in the kitchen” s**t and not get tired of it.

  4. Anonymous

    8:36 pm

    I used to be chivalrous, but then I took a woman in the knee.