• Lawn Order…
  • Helium Balloons…
  • Now this is a good Halloween costume…
  • Apple does it again…
  • Victory!
  • Every time i get into a show…
  • Without the suit, what are you Tony Stark?
  • Single ladies
  • Can I use one of your quotes for my book cover?
  • Gambit
  • Do you think it’s still funny?
  • A droplet with a reflection of a smiley face

26 May, 2011 in Gaming | 2 Comments


  1. tahrey

    3:17 pm

    They finally re-released it? I need a link, STAT.

    Fun fact: The CG image above is actually a lot closer to the original character design. There’s no firm explanation for why they turned her hair green or put her in harlequin clothes other than to make things look more colourful.

    Still, it’d be nice if there’s a cheat code that would restore the SNES colours we’re all used to…
    (yeah, “all” – if you’re not, you need to become so)

  2. Hero

    4:49 am

    XIII came out in 2010, Jackass.