• No pictures. No. I said no…
  • Shakespeare being Shakespeare…
  • Technology advances…
  • Of course it’s not…
  • This kid is now officially scared of camels
  • Titanic best case scenario ending
  • Linguistic differences
  • Cool facts
  • Happy boxer puppy on a trampoline
  • Don’t let me go
  • World’s Largest Photo Libraries
  • Infinite painting

15 August, 2011 in Funny | 1 Comment


  1. Sable

    5:18 pm

    The last photo is fake! That is not how its set up! They actually drive you around and there is a big plexiglass shield as a windshield and the lions actually jump on the hood of the truck! You can tell the last picture is fake because there is no steering wheel on the right hand side of the vehicle.