• School days…
  • Just another day in Thailand….
  • Detecting problems…
  • Baby Iron Man
  • A baby and his best friend
  • My handwriting
  • Education nowadays
  • Seems pretty legit…
  • Self control
  • Street art utopia
  • Without money…
  • Some serious page folding skills
  1. ObviousGuy

    3:26 am

    Photoshop… Look at the 4th picture, there is a red car in the background. Look at the last picture, the red car is in it, but not in any of the others after the first truck has fell in the water. Pretty obvious…

  2. Aino

    9:01 pm

    Yeah the last clip is photoshopped. But the first bit is hilarious.

  3. Aira

    12:07 pm

    Darn true! PHOTOSHOP FAIL!