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  1. Anonymous

    1:49 am

    In all fairness, in those military cases, it’s really hard to put yourself in the shoes of a Marine in a combat situation, especially when he had just seen his (best) friend blown up by a roadside bomb.

    • Annon

      10:37 am

      It may be really hard to put yourself in his shoes but in no way does that excuse the deaths of 24 men, women and children, and nor should it.

    • A. Nonymous

      11:50 pm

      I have one thing to say: My Lai.

  2. Lauren

    11:13 am

    Kim Schmitz hasn’t been sentenced yet. He’s been charged and denied bail, that’s it. If he got consecutive maximum sentences for all the crimes he’s charged with, he would get 50 years, but nothing has happened yet.

    Aside from that, yeah. I think the world as a whole needs to get its legal priorities in order.

  3. Jolie

    4:31 am

    I’m sorry, but having your “best friend” blown up in front of you in combat is no reason to murder people who have nothing to do with that. it’s the worst when people in the armed forces use it as an excuse to commit crimes.

    • Trolin is a Arts

      4:15 pm

      I have no idea what that story is about, nor do I particularly care for the US army. However, I do not think that seing your friend be turned into giblets really help you focus on descerning friend from foe in a country where everyone, including women and children, are used to kill you.

      • local carpenter

        5:03 pm

        They are trying to defend their country from us. we are the terrorists… we flew our own planes into our own buildings so that we could go attack them. i think that is very clear by now… ps what ever happened to wmds?

    • You know...

      1:16 pm

      Its not a reason nor is it excusable jolie, but when someone you love dies before your eyes in such a crazy way, there is a very slim chance that you wont suffer some sort of trauma..

  4. Mgl

    4:41 pm

    The 2nd one Miguel Carcaño is only 20 in prision, beacause he and the others who murdered Marta, never told where was the corpose and there is no “evidence” of the crime, that’s the “reason”. And also because laws in Spain are very bad.

  5. Ryan

    11:58 pm

    In defense if the Marine, it is just taking care of those who would simply turn and attack us again. Those children grew up and became those who we are fighting now. So good job marine.

  6. Holy

    11:58 pm

    The Marine and his squad could have come under fire from the women and children, other countries train their kids/women to fight and help protect the land when men are gone. There most likely was an explanation.
    For the music pirate, 50 years is ridiculous compared to murder.

  7. Red Wolf

    3:31 am

    No offense people but, For a marine or any one in the military, they go through a hell none of us would ever imagine. If you think you know what it’s like for them overseas getting shot at and seeing the men you once called your brothers in arms blown up, just by watching the news or the videos they take or the movies that are made? Then you have no idea what it’s like at all. War take such a dramatic toll on the human psyche that men and women who have come home after serving literally go insane. Putting someone in that condition or someone on the verge of PTSD back into the line of duty can greatly effect their judgement. Seriously, you have no idea what they were thinking or why they did what they did until you yourself go straight out into that hell and comeback alive. And when you have tell me how much you have changed.

    • local carpenter

      5:07 pm

      yeah? so some one who volunteers to go kill innocents in other country’s during an immoral and unfounded war should be exempt of criminal behavior because the poor people of that country are fighting back? if you want to go kill people, play video games, if you join the army there are plenty of good things you can do, if you just want to hurt people become a cop. there is no justification for killing innocents. he wasn’t forced, he volunteered to go there, we flew our own planes into our own buildings so that we could attack them, i think that is pretty clear by now.

    • wtf

      8:20 pm

      That doesn’t change the fact that he need be removed from society. He failed to manage his condition, and is a danger to society. Bottom line. It may be sad what happened to him, but sadness doesn’t factor into a judicial ruling and the maintenance of society. If you want to put an end to that sadness, stop sending our boys off to fight wars.

  8. Jay

    9:10 pm

    Regardless of what may have happened to said Marine while he was on deployment, the difference between “us” and the “bad guys” is are actions when things like this happen. America doesn’t want to be seen as the bad guy (hopefully this is obvious to the lot of you) and as a country trying very desperately to be viewed in a positive light (possibly idolized, but this is a long way off), things like this are very bad.

    In any case, if we excuse complete murderers due to PTSD, we are no different than the people we’re fighting.