• Oh look, a penny!
  • What Facebook does to you…
  • The Truth About the Like Button
  • Memory loss
  • English language logic
  • The man’s guide to love and lasting relationships
  • This always happens in grade school
  • There is a new gender in town…
  • Not cool, Olsen twins…
  • I see you at the Halloween party, bye
  • Failures vs. successes
  • That punk toad! he’s been flipping us off the whole time
  1. bob

    4:49 pm

    Oh my god something’s wrong with the biomes generator!

    Time to create a new level with a better seed.

  2. Nick

    8:58 pm

    …but we’re trying to ruin it…

  3. realist

    9:21 am

    why then inventing photoshop?