• Interesting Historical Fact
  • People is cruel…
  • When I try to prank someone…
  • Derp Pug is on to you…
  • That YOLO thing…
  • Don’t even go there…
  • No more tangled earbuds
  • I don’t want to live on this…wait, you leave!
  • The flip
  • Magnificent Ice Formations
  • Your sports team sucks
  • Anyone can make you smile
  1. need

    3:30 am


  2. Well...

    1:37 am

    A quick trip to google maps shows how little we’ve actually fenced

  3. Conor

    1:29 pm

    Whats sad about it? You think we should live s**tty primitive lives instead? By all means go live in a cave or swing from a tree with some monkeys. The rest of us will keep on trucking.

  4. Ivan

    11:05 pm

    Sadly this is true….

  5. Carlos R. Mendes

    12:18 am

    Bad history of mankind!

  6. Realistic

    5:01 am

    Agree that mankind sometimes goes too far, but no where near that extreme.

  7. anonymous

    5:38 pm

    Conor, we’ll live by your mentality. But once hell is really in a hand-basket, you better have some f****** answers.

  8. omega

    5:15 pm

    I think you didn’t get the point Connor.