• Have you seen this awesome dog?
  • The Walking Ted
  • Math, Stahp…
  • Grow Up
  • This place knows what’s important
  • Heath Ledger out of costume, but in make-up on the set of Dark Knight
  • It’s probably not important…
  • Touché, ancient guys…
  • Poor dog
  • I mean, uh, happy Halloween I guess…
  • Perfect English
  • Why so serious?

25 September, 2011 in Funny | 2 Comments


  1. :D s

    3:40 am

    Because soccer is soccer, it’s for grass fairies, football is a badass sport… I find it insulting when europeans call soccer football.

  2. Jay29

    9:09 pm

    I love (American) football, but I think handegg is much more apropos. Well done.